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Why do twinkes have a long shelf life

In an age of health-conscious consumers, low-carb diets and bottled water , one snack has stood the test of time. The Twinkie is an icon of junk food snacks and guilty pleasures, nutritionally worthless yet irresistibly yummy. Twinkies turn up in places far removed from brown-bag lunches -- in murder trials, wedding cakes and plenty of urban legends about their shelf life. You've probably heard the one about how Twinkies could survive a nuclear attack , or the one about that secret ingredient, embalming fluid. So, what are Twinkies, exactly?
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New Twinkies will double their shelf life

Why do twinkes have a long shelf life
Why do twinkes have a long shelf life
Why do twinkes have a long shelf life
Why do twinkes have a long shelf life
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Twinkie Facts: 12 Things You Didn't Know About The Beloved Snack | HuffPost

Twinkies are cream-filled sponge cakes. Yet for all their nutritional drawbacks Twinkies are a hugely popular treat in the USA, with million of these confections baked each year. Because these cellophane-wrapped snack cakes are always to be found on the shelves at supermarkets and corner stores and always appear to feel fresh and spongy to the touch, a long-lived myth has sprung up to account for the continual presence of seemingly always-fresh Twinkies. According to lore, Twinkies have multi-year shelf lives and remain edible for decades; this incredible longevity, rumor says, is due to Twinkies not actually being food but rather some strange type of artificial, manufactured item shaped and flavored to resemble a cake-like offering. Through the years many of our readers have asked us about this baked product. Each had heard a version of the basic Twinkies legend about unbelievable shelf life brought about through some form of artificial production, either in the ingredients or the manufacturing process used. Twinkies were created in as ladyfinger-shaped spongecakes enrobing a banana filling at the Hostess bakery in Schiller Park, Illinois.
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Twinkie Facts: 12 Things You Didn't Know About The Beloved Snack

The maker of one of America's favorite snacks is dying, so inevitably it's time for us to sing the Twinkie's praises. Twinkies, which have been around since , have a legendary history. But unfortunately their future is in jeopardy; Hostess Brands, the maker of the iconic snack, announced Friday that it will likely go out of business , close its operations and lay off all 18, of its workers. Let's take a moment to stop with the freak-outs, and start with the celebration of some great Twinkie facts:.
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The general consensus when it comes to food is that the better it tastes, the worse it must be for you. It comes as no surprise that one of America's most favorite snack foods has suffered from some of the most outlandish rumors. Twinkies, the small, yellow, cream-filled snack cakes made by Hostess, have suffered rumors about their longevity and ingredients for decades. The details of the myth may vary, but the basic story goes that Twinkies are made with all chemical ingredients and no actual food products, so they will stay fresh for decades.

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